Day 57 – Escher fish dinner

Fish and waves

Look carefully – this one is like an Escher print. There are small white fish around the top of the border print, they point to the tails of some angel fish, which ride the waves, which are bordered by green angel fish around the outside edge.

Whew! Can you see all that? Took me a minute too.This gem was one of the first purchases I made at the 127 Yard Sale. We had stopped at a large park next to a church and 50’s style diner because there was ample parking and the promise of ice cream : ) It was in the mid-90’s, with humidity to match, and so far I hadn’t seen many tablecloths of any sort. The few I had seen were pricey and nothing that floated my boat. This was in a pile of grandma-style florals and I was SO excited! At first I was drawn to the deep green color……then I really deciphered the border and knew it was coming home with me : )

The woman selling it was a trip; the cigarette never left the side of her mouth and she had clearly come to the end of her patience with the day. To be fair, the weather was a challenge, and maybe the people across the way selling Nazi and KKK paraphernalia weren’t her cup of tea (they creeped me out!). I paid her quickly and went to find ice cream.

Back to the fun stuff…I started with a white Fiesta plate, added a 50’s grey plaid salad plate and topped it with another 127 Yard Sale find! These were from a homestead that had several neighbors set up on site, they had big tents, a couple large storage structures FULL of stuff and table after table after table of pottery…These are restaurant dishes, and look at the border:

Waves or swans?

I thought it was wave-like, Angie thought it was swan-like, either way its aquatic and green and CUTE : ) These people had so much good stuff I had to really limit myself, which made me a little sad but I had to seriously say “How do we get this home unbroken?” Sigh…This creamer and sugar set are my other favorite pieces on this table. These were a Salvation Army find, probably a couple of dollars for both. I just love those little leaves in their greens and gold. The cute little polka dot vase was an IKEA find as were the glasses, the napkins are from Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market, and the silverware is a combination of vintage green bakelite with the modern french ivory from Sur la Table.

Of course I had help today, but from a different kitty:

Max is back

Max hopped up to check out the fig leaves. He’s the youngest of the cats, just over a year old, and the goofiest. He has that natural cat aversion to water, until it moves and then he chases it. When it finally occurs to him that water is ‘wet’ he looks at us like “Why didn’t you TELL me?” but goes back to playing in it : )

Tomorrow – Dinner with Grandma

309 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 57 – Escher fish dinner

  • Angie

    I like how there is no grey in the table cloth but you still used the cream & sugar, they just go. And the bubble vase, like bubbles in water nice touch.

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