Day 56 – Carnation Breakfast

Just a corner...

The design of this tablecloth is diverse and spread out so this little picture of a corner doesn’t even begin to do it justice. This is VERY Sue, and I actually bought it to go in her re-modeled kitchen…when it gets remodeled : ) Shhhhh, don’t tell her…We pulled several different sets of dishes together here for the complete look. It’s amazing the way Sue just pulls out a box and these goodies emerge from the tissue paper : )

Turquoise : )

While either one of us will be the first to say we are NOT experts in dishware, we do like to figure out where our stuff came from. The turquoise dishes are from the Monterey Pottery Co., a pottery company founded in 1948 and no longer in business. There is a rumor that Vernonware or Metlox actually produced the pottery but so far no way to verify that.

The cute little carnation dishes are by…don’t know! There isn’t a single mark or label on ANY of the pieces. Most were found in a basket at a vintage store so Sue just bought them all. The latest addition is the large covered casserole dish she found at St. Vincent de Paul for seven bucks! We both love the swoopy ‘modern’ shape of the creamer and sugar and now its new friend the casserole dish.The turquoise insides make us smile : ) The enamelware coffee pot was one piece in a box of MANY pieces and in nearly perfect condition.

And the silverware? I found a set of turquoise and floral Melmac at the 127Yard Sale, which in itself is a cool thing especially for stocking a picnic basket, but laying next to it was the matching silverware. We’ve heard that such a thing existed but have never seen them…until now. The nice man selling the dishes wouldn’t just sell me the silverware so…if anyone is dying to own their own turquoise Melmac, let me know and we can make a deal : )

This may not be an ‘instant’ breakfast, but I’m thinking eggs, toast, maybe some gravy and biscuits, fruit, tea – time to eat!

Oh, and Happy Fifty-Second Anniversary to my parents! Wow…

Tomorrow – Escher fish dinner

310 days to go!!

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