Day 55 – Challenge #1

Challenge # 1

I received a challenge from my friend Angie to do something with this tablecloth.

At first glance its just NOT my thing – delicate little flowers, delicate blues, very grandma-ish and then there is that harvest gold border…

I was fully design conscious in the 60′s and 70′s and even at the age of eight  I knew that whole avocado green/harvest gold/brown thing going down was bad and wrong. There are times and places for the individual colors but that whole combination? Ugh.

So doing something with this cloth was indeed a challenge for me and one I felt quite up to : )

Challenge met!

I knew my Fiesta blue would be perfect with those flowers, and white is classic so technically I could have done the whole table in blue and white and felt fine about it. What I really wanted was something in that gold tone, something small and a focal point…

I ended up calling my mom to go thrift storing with me. One, I wanted a second set of eyes and two, I needed her to drive! While walking the dog some cranky person felt we weren’t moving fast enough and gunned his engine several times. The dog panicked, slammed into my left leg and moved my foot in a way it wasn’t designed to move. Let’s just say walking is now a challenge : )

Fortunately, my mother spotted this very cute little gold vase within minutes so our trip was hugely successful in a very short period of time. The store was having a half price sale so $2.50 and this was mine! (We also found several other pretty nifty pieces that will be showing up quite soon)

I have to say I’m loving this table. Angie supplied the blue napkins, the silverware is the french ivory from Sur la Table and the small gold bowls are my fifty-nine cents finds from IKEA. They aren’t ‘quite’ as harvest as the vase but they are close enough : )I couldn’t find blue flowers (what a shocker) but thought these double tulips in a soft yellow were just fine. Because of my limited maneuverability I couldn’t take all the shots I wanted, but Stuart told me it was all good and that I needed to finish and take a nap with him : )

How can you say no to that face?

So I did.

I think I met this challenge and did surprisingly well, especially when I started so far away from my ‘comfort zone’. I also discovered the more I looked at the floral print the more I like it, especially the small white flowers at the bottom of the gold border. Thanks Angie!

If anyone wants to propose a challenge, whether using a cloth that you have or just a color or style combo, drop us a note.  We’re up to it : )

 Tomorrow – Carnation Breakfast

311 days to go!

1 comment to Day 55 – Challenge #1

  • Angie

    You made something that was just so merh just lovely. May have to borrow the plates for the house one night. But you can keep the vase. And thanks for adding my little boyfriend. he always makes me smile.

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