Day 54 – Cherry breakfast

Cherries : )

It’s still happy summer time, the weather is great, the mornings clear and I’m hungry.

A cheery cherry table

I can spot a cherry item at 50 paces…I’ve been known to zoom in on something cherry from a full aisle away at the flea market. Sue sees turquoise and atomic, I see red and cherries…This morning I also see red Fiesta, BIG cups of chai and some bagels! Those amazing cherry mugs/bowls (just depends what you want to put in them) are from Target of all places (and be sure to pronounce it Tar-jay!). A few years ago they came out with a line of cherry dishes that were incredibly well thought out. I snagged most of the pieces, like the cookie jar, a colander, a serving dish. Through the years some pieces worked better than others so that which I couldn’t use my friends could : )

Those fabulous cups!

Now what would a really good cherry table be without really good cherry glassware? Thanks to Crate & Barrell it’s complete. The amazing coffee server is very vintage and the silver sparkle with the bakelite apple juice handle gives the table the bling it deserves.

From above : )

The napkins are vintage from Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market, the silverware my own french bistro set. I LOVE this cherry pattern so much that I have several almost identical tablecloths…I even made one into a duvet cover! One morning I’ll have to do breakfast IN a cherry bed.

Mr. Stuart Little comes to play

Stuart came to play this morning. Let’s just say he’s not a morning creature : )

Tomorrow – A Challenge!

312 days to go!!

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