Day 53 – Red, lime and blue!

Look familiar ?

Look familiar ?

If you think you’ve seen this before, you have! Or at least a version of this print…

(Look at day 17)

Goes to show that what you like once, you like again and again : ) We’re consistent, you’ve got to hand that to us!This is a completely different take on the same print – about the only thing the two have in common is the red. I’m also using yet another nifty purchase that I found at the 127 Yard Sale…those very interesting glasses : )Before I get to the glasses, check out the LIME on the table! Or the chartreuse to be precise, in the form of the green of the flowers on the tablecloth and the Fiesta dishes. I’ve pulled back out the salad plates and found, much to my delight, that I do have the salt & pepper shakers to this color. The chartreuse sits on my favorite red and the topper are my favorite 40′s painted base footed bowls.

The silverware is my bistro set ( I just saw a version of these at Williams Sonoma for a really good price!) and the vintage napkins are the ones Sue found at a thrift store for about a quarter a piece. I thought those wonderful bowls needed some equally fabulous glass friends so LOOK:

Red and hobnails, oh my!

We had stopped somewhere in the middle of Kentucky at a large area, complete with barns, plenty of parking and port-a-potties ( all three are COMPLETELY necessary for successful shopping!)

I had just spied these on a table full of ‘treasures’ when we heard a loud “WHOMP”. The next thing I knew a dozen or so men took off down the hill to the street. Someone pulling out of the area hadn’t looked both ways and had hit a mini-van, sending it flying 100 feet or so down the road with a crunched right front bumper and panel. The pick-up that didn’t look spun around and came to a rest next to the entrance against a tree. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt since it took the EMT’s 45 minutes to get there (we were a little ways ‘off’ the main roads).

Bad-a boom!

I can tell you that trying to negotiate a sale in the middle of all of that, while not ideal, worked out in the long run. I’m guessing that was the end of the yard sale for those people but at least they all walked away and cars are replaceable. We decided that we were pretty much done as well : )

Hi Minnie!

Minnie came to supervise today. Her eyes almost match the green of the plates : )

I decided that today, instead of the flowers looking like petunias like they did Day 17, that they look like nasturtiums. They’ve grown fairly well in my yard this year, despite the deer and their fondness for my garden greens.This one actually looked quite red until I took its picture at sunset. Ah well, still very pretty… If I could get these in a lime green like is on the tablecloth I’d plant them in a hot minute!

313 days to go!!

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