Day 51 – Dragonfly Dessert

Dark florals

This is another fabulous set from April Cornell, how I miss them!

I did manage to pick up the small breakfast tablecloth, a couple of pillow covers and a couple of napkins : ) And why am I referring to dragonflies in the title rather than birds? Well….goes like this….

We have a small pond, used to have a duck so nothing grew in it. Now we have no duck : ( but all kinds of stuff grows in it. We took care of the mosquitos by adding mosquito fish and while we were cleaning it out a couple of months ago pulled out a bunch of what looked like potato bugs. Except potato bugs don’t live under water. It was a mystery. Jim finally took a picture of one of these bugs and sent the pic off to some website that helped identify these mysterious creatures as dragonfly larvae!

So we have a pond that not only supports little fish but dragon flies as well! Now we know the source for all the pretties that flit about our yard. One went by tonight as I was mulling over this post and that was my inspiration. I wasn’t fast enough to snap a pic but the cats weren’t fast enough to grab it either so all is well.

Dessert at dusk

Its been warm, not Tennessee/Kentucky in the middle of a heat wave warm, but warm enough here that dessert at dusk sounds like a FINE plan.I pulled out a couple of the plum Fiesta salad plates, grabbed two of the turquoise custard dishes (that some ice cream is hitting as soon as I’m done here!) and the go-along Fiesta silverware. The glasses are hand blown purple glass from a street artisan I found years ago.But what is going on in the middle of the table? Looks like a canning jar…

It IS a canning jar but the cool thing is the lid : )

While making our way up the 127 for the Longest Yard Sale we stopped for breakfast one morning at the Hillbilly Cafe near Russell Springs, Kentucky. We had had a horrendous meal the night before so it was with great trepidation that we stopped at another locally owned restaurant but this time the food was fine. Whew! In the corner of this little mall area was a very cute looking store called The Old Ragdoll, specializing in Primitive art pieces. Shauna was delightful, the store beautifully put together and this nifty little piece caught my eye and had to come home with me.

Dark and calm : )

It’s a solar cell & light embedded into what looks like the lid to a canning jar. Put it in the sun to charge and you have your own light source for tables, etc after dark! It doesn’t come on until the light level has dropped to a certain point (or you cover up the solar cell on the top of the lid) and then it’s reminiscent of fireflies in a jar.

No candles to deal with, so far its lasted several hours and is still going strong : ) I have a fondness for canning jars, wished I could have figured out how to get some of them home in my suitcase, but this accessory takes them to a whole new level for me!

Thank you Shauna, it was a pleasure to meet you and I LOVE my little light : )

P.S. When I got up this morning the light was still shining just as brightly as it did last night and then clicked off as the sun came up.  Awesome little light! Now I wish I had more…

Tomorrow – Burgundy acorns

315 days to go!!!


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