Day 50 – It’s a tablecloth, it’s a quilt!

It's both!!

 First item featured from the 127 Yardsale : )

I found this on a table full of partially finished quilts in a large covered Agricultural Arena somewhere in the middle of Tennessee. My mom ended up buying it and I’ve borrowed it for the day. If anything screamed for lots of Fiesta, this certainly does.Before we begin, here is the amazing thing about this piece (other than the fabrics most likely being from the 30’s and 40’s) -


That’s right, every single piece is HAND STITCHED…lots of tiny stitches, even seams and they sure didn’t have rotary cutters back then so its all hand cut too.

The before...

Here is the table before any dishes are added…

...and the after : )

And now we have dishes galore! This one was so easy to pull together it practically set itself. All I needed was 6 of each item – 6 dinner and salad plates, 6 bowls and 6 mugs. The rest is frosting on the Fiesta cake.

One end...

I mimicked the block design with the dishes as best I could. The silverware is a Fiesta “Go-Along”, meaning Fiesta leant their name to other companies to make products that ‘went along’ with their dishes, like silverware, napkin holders, colanders,fridge magnets etc.

...the other end...

While the colors of the silverware are a match, the quality isn’t the highest so the plastic handles don’t wear very well and consequently we don’t use these much. It’s fun to have the colors though : )

and the middle!

It’s quite a cacophony of color : )

All the Fiesta is modern (post 86) except for the yellow salad plate. The round water pitcher is Fiesta but the butter dish, creamer and sugar are Lindt Steinmist, one of my favorite designers from the 80’s. I actually started buying the different Fiesta colors to go alongside the Lindt Steinmist pieces. My sister calls these ‘happy dishes’ : )Seriously, how can you NOT be happy looking at all this?

I used a different color vintage napkin at each place setting…because there wasn’t enough to look at : ) I have to say this table made me ridiculously happy when it was done.

Hi Stuart : )

Stuart like the whole table very much, so much so he wanted to stretch out and take a nap in the middle of everything. Fortunately a butterfly flit along by and he ran off to give chase. Time for another nap for me!

Tomorrow – Dragonfly dessert

316 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 50 – It’s a tablecloth, it’s a quilt!

  • Angie

    this would be a great idea if you have many friends that only had a few dishes. BYOF bring your own Fiesta, and a dish to share. PARTY! Don’t worry Stuart, I will bring you some greenies.

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