Day 49 – Sunflowers and ivy

Green and yellow...

I was torn about the inspiration today, I had two really…

and sunflowers : )

I love the ivy on this cloth, the graphic is bold and cheerful so when I was sorting through the dishes I thought it needed something equally bold and cheerful and out came the sunflowers! And what do you know, right in the same box was a pile of green glass, so those came out too.The only thing on this table that’s NOT vintage is the sunflower dishes, and if you go with most flea market standards, anything over 20 years is ‘vintage’. Sorry, I still have a hard time thinking anything from the 80’s is vintage : ) That would make my daughter vintage and me…just old.  So for now  they are merely cool pieces I found at Mervyn’s twenty some odd years ago…The silverware is all bakelite, and I used the green knives for fun and that extra punch of color. The green glass is all depression glass, the plates and salt & pepper shakers are vintage Fiesta, the original yellow and green! The sunflowers are just fun in amongst all the rest…and yes, one day there will be an entire table of sunflowers!

He's baaaack.....

Stuart helped out today. He’s very glad I finally came home from the 127 Yardsale, now he wants to cuddle and take a nap. I think that sounds like a FINE idea, right after we eat.

Tomorrow – It’s a tablecloth, it’s a quilt!

317 days to go!!

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