Day 48 – Cheese, Gromit!

Thank you Nick Park!

Gromit, one of my favorite characters of all time. I like the smart ones : )

I bought several pieces of the Wallace and Gromit line when it was popular. This is the only mug I have left and I store feathers in it.

When my daughter came home from college for the summer I needed to clean out her room and came across this mug. I immediately put in one of the movies and started to play with the table.

Wouldn't you like to eat breakfast here?

At first I thought I might re-create the breakfast table that Gromit sits at in “The Wrong Trousers” but frankly, it was a little dull : )

One of the places we frequented for the kids toys was KFC. They had some of the cutest toys bar none!

Gromit in the berries

Can you see Gromit in the red plane in the berries?

The plates are vintage Fiesta, the silverware bakelite. The polka dot bowl was from Sur la Table and the Gromit mug came from a long-since defunct toy store, Imaginarium. They believed in education through play and it was a favorite stop of my daughter’s when we were out for mommy-daughter play dates.

Uh oh, it's the penguin!

If you push on the penguin’s head his eyes blink : )

This little yellow plate is Harlequin, a brand that Fiesta made for Woolworth’s exclusively. I love the deco lines of the Harlequin.

Wallace : )

Yes, Wallace is on the table as well. But why is he here?

Hold on!

Because he holds the napkin for us : )

Don’t be afraid to use bendy toys for other purposes! I have a whole set of Wallace and Gromit figurines that were originally on a keyring. I took off the keyrings, and had a pile of creatures with hooks in their backs. I turned them into christmas ornaments and each year I have a small Wallace and Gromit tree!

It will make an appearance here later this year : )

Tomorrow – Sunflowers and ivy

318 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 48 – Cheese, Gromit!

  • We still have our W&G ornaments. They’re among my favorite holiday decorations! It’s fun to see Wallace getting cozy with the napkin, there… :-D

    I really love the Harlequin shaped plate.

    I sort of feel this table needs a vase of flowers, maybe white daisies or something else cheery and cheap. That’s just me.

  • Angie

    thank you for giving me the oppritunity to say. MORE CHEESE GROMIT!

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