Day 46 – Not your 80′s rose and grey

NOT the 80's!

 This is NOT your typical 80′s rose and grey! I should know, I was a total rose/grey devotee in the 1980′s. I thought it was the be-all and end-all color combo, that we had reached our pinnacle. I was young <g>.

Told you... : )

 There is a whole world of grey tablecloths out there. Some are stunning, some are sad and some are wonderfully different, like this one. Not only do we have a bright red in this but touches of yellow AND the rose.This brings up the necessity of yellow accents, but not too many: )  I pulled out my rose Fiesta, the first color I started collecting. Of course there had to be a grey pasta bowl, with the little yellow fifty-nine cent IKEA bowls as the ‘pop’ factor.I pulled in a little more grey with the napkins and used my pink bistro silverware. My favorite small yellow Italian pitcher hold stunning roses and the lacy pink glasses add the final touch.

Minnie : )

The roses from yesterday still look amazing AND go great with this table! But then look who showed up…


Minnie loves roses. Minnie liked these, not loved, so they didn’t get rolled in and pulled apart. But she still had to hop up to inspect them : )

Tomorrow – Koala love

320 days to go!!

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