Day 45 – Lime and roses

Lime goodness

Every so often I come across a pile of tablecloths all bundled together and marked as ‘cutters’, meaning they have some significant holes or stains that a serious collector would NEVER consider.

Clearly I’m not that serious : )
This lime wonder is one of those ‘cutters’. Yes, there are a few larger-ish stains, there are a couple of small holes but LOOK at the colors!

This was another one of those that I started out in one direction (not a lot of the chartreuse Fiesta, thought I wanted a lot of red) and took a right at Albuquerque.

I ended up ditching most of the red (shocking!) and using the green. I like the calm of the white in the sea of chartreuse. I like the subtle red stripe on the napkins, I didn’t like the red bistro silverware so I replaced it with the french ivory.

Cut red footed bowls!

Then I added the little red glass footed bowls and my little 40′s salt and pepper shakers with the tail and the red was under control : )

Check out the Hall vase

Check out the vase AND the flowers! The vase is Hall, my youngest sister gave it to me. It’s a little on the ‘subtle’ side considering the riot of chartreuse on the table.


Speaking of riot of color…check out these roses! Red ones seemed too predictable and I like the slightly green edges on these, I just never expected them to open so beautifully!

Stuart the supervisor

Stuart came back to play. No flowers to eat, he took his usual spot and had a snooze.

Tomorrow – Not your 80′s rose and grey

321 days to go!!

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