Day 44 – The 127 Yard Sale!

The Longest Yard Sale!

 What do we have here?

It’s a map…a treasure map…we’re off to the Longest Yard Sale!! The sale itself starts in Gasden, Alabama (August 4-7 this year) goes up through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and in to Michigan. My mom and I are flying into Nashville, picking up a rental car and heading east to route 127. We’ll head north as far as Cincinnati and fly home from there Sunday.

As a special early birthday surprise my mom and my daughter came up with this great tablesetting. My daughter drew her version of our route on the turquoise tablecloth and then layered it over the yellow.

Turquoise and yellow and sunflowers!

I decided on the yellow Fiesta to contrast all that lovely turquoise.

The silverware is the fun, cheap set I found at IKEA. It’s the perfect color for this and is plastic so if it hits the ground no one will care too much. I see it going into a picnic basket soon : )

Check out the GLASSES!

I found the glasses at Alley Cats in Martinez many years ago. They are a complete set of six in a brass holder. My mom re-did her sewing room a few years ago all in turquoise, she calls it her ‘retro room’. I gave her these to outfit her room : )

Don’t know what we’ll find at the Longest Yardsale but  I DO know I’m so looking forward to the adventure! I’ll be posting pictures as we go on our facebook page so ‘like’ us there and see daily updates (as long as I get this whole ipad thing worked out!). Treasures await!

Tomorrow – Lime and roses

322 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 44 – The 127 Yard Sale!

  • Oh my, the 127 Corridor Sale is on my list of things I have to do in this lifetime. Have fun!

  • Angie

    Oh Miss Britt, what a cleaver girl you are. Have a great time as I know you will. And just think of the turquoise and yellow as the beautiful Pacific Ocean you will be leaving behind for a few days to venture off to some of the most polite people you will ever met. Have fun and Happy Birthday!

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