Day 43 – Another Birthday!

Number One!

This is the tablecloth that started it all. This was the number one, very first tablecloth I EVER bought. I found it at a store in Berkeley, that sadly no longer exists, called ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. It was hanging on a wall behind the register and it was perfect.

I had been looking for something really bright and fun for my daughters’ tenth birthday, she wanted a “Molly” party from the American Girl series.

So I asked the universe to help me find something bright that would fit with the 40’s theme.

Perfect : )

This is it. It’s the embodiment of all I love – reds, blues, greens that POP, it was bought for a happy occasion and it still makes me ridiculously happy every time I pull it out. So it’s out for MY birthday today!This started my hunt for Fiesta dishes – Molly specifically talks about who has what color and why AND they put out a cookbook that had WONDERFUL pictures to go with the recipes. One of these days I think we’ll have to re-create those photos and do some food styling….In the meantime I get to use all that I love – all the Fiesta ware is vintage except the scarlet and white. I tried looking for the original ‘red’ for my daughters’ party but since I hadn’t been told about the ‘radioactive’ red yet, just that it costs a small fortune, I went with paper for the 10 year olds : ) You can see the color difference – the pitcher is the new scarlet, the salt and pepper shakers are the original ‘red’. I pulled out my red and yellow bakelite silverware and favorite striped glasses to complete the picture!The little blue sugar bowl is actually Harlequin, a line of dishes Homer Laughlin made alongside Fiesta. I just found a big old chip in it which makes me sad : ( but that just means I need to find another : )

My favorite pieces of the whole fabulous table?


The Scottie dog Bakelite napkin holders!!

If you look closely in the third picture you can see Stuart has passed out from a busy day supervising and eating carnations.

Tomorrow – Hint: 127 figures prominently : )

323 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 43 – Another Birthday!

  • Angie

    I loved that party we had so much fun, but I didn’t know that is what started it all. Glad I was there to witness it all from the start.

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