Day 42 – Red, white and blue blowout

More red : )

I love red, its my favorite color, just in case there’s any question about that.

I found this tablecloth years ago, when I was dating someone who lived in Redding, which is a REALLY long ways away from Walnut Creek. There was a small antique consortium right off the freeway and I decided to stop in one day on my way home. This cloth was in a sale pile, no one wanted it according to the cashier, because it was ‘too intense’.

Really? It came home with me. What I wanted today was to celebrate the last of the Independence Day/month in fine, bright, intense style : )Tomorrow is the anniversary of the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence, but there is a reason for my early celebration : ) More in a minute…

Celebratory lunch for one

I wanted to use my star dishes ONE more time this summer. I still can’t get over the fact that these were the featured dishes at IKEA for CHRISTMAS last year!

So I pulled out my bakelite silverware, a vintage napkin and a cheery star napkin ring. I love that the cup/glass came with its own separate saucer : ) I used red carnations because there wasn’t enough red on the table…

Intense indeed…

THIS is intense!

For those of you who don’t speak cat, let me point out the ears. That is not normal ‘cat’ position. That is really-annoyed-cat position. Why?

Stuart LOVES carnations!

Stuart thought the carnations were HIS. And by his I mean he thought he was just going to crawl into the middle of them and eat them all. The ‘arrangement’ in the first picture is really a desperate attempt on my part to take a picture before being attacked : ) Throw the cat off the table, aim, shoot…throw the cat off the table, aim, shoot…

It’s hard to get mad, take pictures and laugh all at the same time.

To top it off the chickens thought the cherries were theirs. There was cherry carnage when I was done.

Miss Mila and the cherries

Mila turned 12 years old this past March. She is the queen of all she surveys, can herd cats if called upon and if she wants to eat some cherries, she gets cherries : )

I really love my star dishes – I’m very happy that IKEA decided to do these. STILL don’t know why they were a Christmas thing, must be a Swedish thing.

And the reason for the early celebration? Tomorrow is MY birthday! And do I have a hum-dinger of a table planned : )

324 days to go!!

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