Day 34 – Lance Armstrong tribute

Yellow for Lance

Yellow for Lance

On this day in 2005, Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France and announced his retirement from cycling. I searched my stock to find something with yellow in it that wasn’t too feminine (no roses!). I want to highlight the yellow that symbolizes the Livestrong organization’s ‘color’.

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Day 33 – A late supper

Orange and green, oh my!

Orange and green, oh my!

I found this on my last jaunt to the Alameda Flea Market – the lovely ladies at Q13 had this just waiting for me. In my quest to break away from my favorite red/blue combo I keep my eyes open for the fun and different and this

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Day 32 – Drinks & dessert in the garden



Check out this AMAZING glass and ice bucket set! Complete with handy carrier, it features eight glasses, two of each color combo, circling a glass ice bucket complete with original tongs.

These are in nearly perfect shape, from the 50′s or early 60′s and just scream fun, fun, fun!

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Day 31 – Green & purple pansy love!


The green in this cloth is SO bright its nearly neon! I mean seriously, my daughter has the chartreuse Fiesta dishes and they were a little ‘sedate’ with this!

Make it work!

Even my lime green dining room is ‘calm’ compared to this riot of color : )

So here’s

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Day 30 – Lunch blues

Turquoise and gold swirls : )

Turquoise and gold swirls : )

When I bought this cloth on ebay it was described as “Turquoise with gold cherries”. Well….cherries! In gold no less. It just HAD to come live with me. When it arrived I looked at the print closely and decided it was more like ‘peaches’ rather

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Day 29 – Red Gingham and blue violets

Gingham BOWS!

Gingham BOWS!

We’ve got reds, we’ve got blues and we’ve got BOWS!!

Long ago, in a costume galaxy not so far away, I loved bows (it was the 80′s and perfectly appropriate!). My mother said she could tell which costumes I had designed when she saw the bows. There is

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Day 28 – Berry Breakfast



Berries and cherries and a couple apples for good measure!

Time for breakfast.Yes, I said we aren’t going to do food styling and yes, there is food here : )

More importantly, there is BREAKFAST here!

Time for berries and oatmeal and cream : )

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