Day 41 – It’s JK Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday!

Owls and frogs and beans, oh my!

We’ve got owls, we’ve got chocolate covered frogs, we’ve got Bertie’s beans and pumpkin juice, we’ve even got a golden snitch and talking hat, are we at Hogwarts?

Almost : )

We have a family of Harry Potter fanatics, that’s what we have. My friend Crystal has a 17 year old son and twin 12 year old girls and they LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry. When it came time to plan out this table why not call on the experts?

I couldn’t believe, even though I had been forewarned, the extent of their collection. To be honest, I’ve read the first four books and have seen the first three movies. Then there was that whole life thing and being a grown up so I never got back to the series. I loved the books, thought they had done an amazing job with the movies but…

So when Crystal asked if I’d help make robes for the kids to see the very first midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie, and go with them, I couldn’t say no. We spent four nights sewing and I got a crash course in what had happened where I left off. I wasn’t sure, after a full day of work and no nap, that I’d be able to stay up all night for the movie but I was wrong : )

AMAZING. That’s all I’m going to say.


The only way I felt I could remotely do this series justice was to call on the experts. While searching the house for all the Harry Potter items we found ourselves in the girls room looking for owls. There is no shortage of owls here but apparently not all are present. At one point I heard someone mumble “We need to purge some of this” and Elora, in a tiny voice said “What’s purge mean?”

One of MANY owls!

The books with fangs and eyes crack me up : ) Apparently they are the books Hagrid assigns that can’t be opened at first. Gives a whole new angle on homework… The glasses are the 3D glasses the theater gave us, I just had to save mine!

A talking hat and a snitch


Yes, the hat really talks. And the snitch decided to hold still long enough to be in the picture.

Those nifty gold and purple 5 sided boxes hold the chocolate covered frogs…



Check out the pumpkin juice bottles as well : )

One of the owls decided it needed a higher vantage point so it hopped into one of the silver goblets to check things out.

The plates are purple Fiesta, since purple is a magical color. The goblets, at least two of them, were a 25th anniversary present from my parents to my mom’s parents.

The Berties Beans? Kinda good, kinda gross and who really wants to eat one called ‘vomit’ or ‘ear wax’?


There was giggling, there was “Oh wait, go get the….” and there was magic.There were also Dumbledore’s lemon drops, house scarves and spaghetti for dinner : )

Miss Elora of Ravenclaw house

 So thank you to Miss Elora for her goofiness and smiles : )

Miss Ariel of Gryffindor house

And thank you to Miss Ariel for your strength and sly wit : )

House mugs

And thank you to Crystal for not only having three amazing children but also for her middle-of-the-night insomnia bouts that lead to buying some really cool schwag for us all to play with : )

Tired Ari : )

At the end of the shoot Ari was a little tired. No wonder since the girl is in chemo and radiation right now. She is truly one of THE strongest, most awe inspiring people I know. Cancer SUCKS.

Silly Elora : )

There is a lot of love and laughter here : ) Live in the moment.

I love you guys.

325 days to go!!

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