Day 40 – Cherries jubilee


 Cherries! and red!! and they make a heart shape!

This is a fairly recent ebay find (thanks Karen Elaine!)- amazing what you get when you type in ‘vintage red tablecloth’. It’s got two of my favorite things going for it, red and cherries : ) I really like the fact that these make a heart shape, I used to love hearts as well but then my sister had an engagement party that was all pink and hearts and that tempered the whole heart thing for me.

Early breakfast : )

EARLY breakfast this morning, we’ve all got a full day ahead of us! I had a hard time deciding what to NOT put on this table. I’ve got LOTS of cherry stuff (and red), and I really liked the green stems and leaves. The problem was when I did green plates with the red and white it started looking very Italian/Mexican flag-like. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, it just didn’t feel right with the cherries : )I finally hit on the right combination when I used these small green depression glass dishes. The red and white Fiesta, with just that hint of the green glass kept the green accent without screaming ‘flag’ : ) Of course my favorite cherry glasses had to be included, along with my red bistro silverware and a vintage napkin.

Bowls full of cherries!

Cherries, in bowls with cherries…big smiles here : ) These two bowls were a discount store find. The white bowl has biscuits wrapped in, what else, a cherry dish towel. It’s a new vintage-style piece that was actually yardage off a bolt at Stone Mountain Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. You buy it by the yard, its hemmed on the long edges so five minutes at the sewing machine finishes off the cut edges and voila! Vintage style, great price and wonderful quality. They had dozens of different prints and  color combos so if you’re in the Bay Area, check them out! One of the few locally owned fabric stores left.Breakfast, a walk with the dog and a day in the yard, nearly a perfect Saturday : ) And Stuart had to check out the cherries:

It's a cherry, not a mouse...

He thought they were mice, batted them all over the table, knocked the silverware off and then had a nap : ) Come to think of it, a nap sounds good.

If you’d like to check out the ebay store where this item came from, here’s a link:*s-linens-collectibles

She’s very nice, describes her items quite well and is one of those ebay sellers that makes the whole thing work : )

Tomorrow: A birthday surprise

326 days to go!!

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