Day 39 – London tea

Picadilly Circus : )

On this day in 1981 Prince Charles and Diana Spencer wed in a stunning ceremony replete with enough pomp and circumstance to satisfy this California girl : )

I stayed up all night to watch it, did you?

(I stayed up all night to watch William and Kate get married too, but that’s for another time!)

London in pink!

When Sue and I came across this in a box I just KNEW I had to use it for something special! While the marriage didn’t last, and then we tragically lost Diana a short time later (and I stayed up all night to watch her funeral), I wanted to commemorate the sheer happiness the world felt for a brief moment.The tablecloth pretty much says it all – the pink and turquoise mean serious business : )

Time for tea

It just so happens that the pink of the tablecloth is almost identical to the modern pink Fiesta dishes. And then imagine my surprise when the vintage turquoise Fiesta matched just as well! I added the white Fiesta teapot, creamer and sugar WITH tongs!

The little white cups and saucers were a Goodwill find and Italian imports. The silverware is my pink bistro set I bought at Mervyn’s not long after this wedding and the napkins are vintage.

The tablecloth is most likely one of those fun tourist pieces that people buy for friends when they go on vacation. Besides the obvious pink and turquoise love I really like the bold bits of red and green.

That, and the scenes that depict Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London make this the ultimate ‘cool kitschy’ piece!

Pop ups!

This is perhaps one of my all time favorite ‘Chuck and Di’ pieces – a pop up book! It came out after William was born since one of the pop-ups is him crawling towards his parents on a blanket when they went to Australia. The cute thing about this panel are the little levers at the bottom – when you pull on the middle one the flag in the little girls hand goes up and Chuck and Di kiss, look carefully below:

Do you see it?

Totally cool…And here’s my other favorite piece of the era:


My special feature Life magazine with Charles and Diana on the cover : ) I can read my magazine, have some tea and remember a time that really was a little simpler, where a beautiful young woman became a princess and we were full of hope.

Stuart is back

Stuart decided tea sounded good so he hopped up to help. I keep trying to tell him to keep his feet off his plate but he’s a cat…

Tomorrow – Cherries jubilee

327 days to go!!

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