Day 37 – Tea for the kids


Irridescent blues, slightly purple and cherry blossoms make this newly found set a favorite. They are tiny – the little plate is only five inches across, perfect for a kids tea party!

Tea time!

I also recently purchased this sweet tablecloth from a lovely vendor on ebay. I was originally looking for something blue and vintage for my mother’s birthday and this was amongst the listings. It’s small, only about 35″ square, so when I spied the lustreware on the top shelf at Goodwill I knew I had found the perfect mate for this cloth.

Because the lustreware is so, well, lustre-y, it’s difficult to photograph. It tends to reflect and refract the light, exactly what it should do! I decided to pair it with my Lipton tea pot, its a small pot and would be good for little hands. The french ivory spoons look HUGE next to the tiny plates but for the life of me, I don’t have any small scale utensils! I think I need to add that to my Longest Yard Sale list : )

Tiny vase

 This very small vase is one I found at the Pasadena Flea Market years ago. When I first started collecting glassware my daughter was quite young, about 5, so I tried to find things that would be to her scale. At the time there were a couple manufacturers that were making reproductions of kids sets using the vintage molds.

Thankfully the people selling them were honest so the newer sets were quite inexpensive and my daughter LOVED them. She also learned how to treat them nicely so they didn’t break, a skill many adults haven’t mastered : )



Here are two of the hand stitched corners




And here are the other two…

The cloth is linen and was beautifully cleaned and ironed. Thanks to Fern in Pennsylvania!

Up close of the plate

When I tried to find out when and where these pieces were made I was startled. The article I read said if there is no country of origin stamped or painted on then most likely the pieces are from the nineteenth century.

Gulp. I think I paid less than $10 for all nine pieces, including a very tiny lid with no friend (and believe me, I’ve gone back several times looking for the lid’s friend!). Not quite a Rembrandt under a velvet Elvis but just goes to show you what a little digging can come up with in the most unexpected places : )

The next time my nieces are in town we MUST have tea!

One week from now my mom and I head to the Longest Yard Sale! Over 600 miles of vendors along route 127, it starts in Gasden, Alabama and goes into Michigan this year. We are flying into Nashville, heading east to 127 and then north. I’ll be updating the facebook site so join me there for from-the-road pics and adventures!

Tomorrow – Jackie O’s birthday

329 days to go!!

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