Day 36 – Abutilon tea

Bright and different!

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of the ladies of Q-13 at the Alameda Flea Market!

These are the same vendors that had the tablecloth featured in day 33. This cloth was actually on one of their tables under their ‘stuff’. I saw an edge peeking out and was intrigued, how often do you see a color combo like this? Bright orange, bright yellow and what I thought at first was grey. When I got it home and washed it actually showed up more like the french blue that I love so.

Stripes AND flowers

Grey, blue, its all good : ) Check out the entire cloth here sans dishes -

The HUGE flowers are chrysanthemums with the grey-blue leaves, edged with the bold stripes of color. Its screaming for bold pieces of ceramics, don’t you think?

Fortunately, I have just the thing…

BOLD pieces!

Back is the Lipton tea set, the ‘radioactive red’ Fiesta and my favorite yellow Fiesta.

Everything on this table is vintage except the napkin rings (Mervyns back in the 1980′s) and the Sur la Table tea spoons.

The color of the dishes is an EXACT match to the colors of the cloth, like they were made for each other!

And the crazy thing is I didn’t think about buying this when I first saw it. After all, it was a display item, not necessarily for sale. I walked away, got about half an aisle away and came to my senses. I raced back, asked if they’d consider selling it and could barely get my money out of my pocket!

Time for afternoon tea : )

The other cool thing about the adventure the day I found this was meeting Mena Trott. She was at Q-13 that morning when I told the ladies why I was so interested in their display item. She in turn writes the “Sew Weekly” blog – if you are remotely interested in sewing, especially vintage-inspired clothing, you MUST check out her blog! She is an all around cool person and creative in ways that inspire : )

Back to the tea – why abutilon? That’s the little flower at each place setting.

Abutilon : )

I love these flowers, they grow on a small ‘tree’ and do well in my yard. The deer like them too. This year the mommy deer stripped my plants so they are only starting to bloom now. I was a little frustrated with her until she showed up one day with her twins, and all was forgiven. The plants are now surrounded by chicken wire just to be safe: )

I thought the color of these was perfect with the palette, especially since we’re not into chrysanthemum season just yet. Tea anyone?

Tomorrow – Tea for the kids

330 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 36 – Abutilon tea

  • Angie

    that little table cloth turned out lovely, I would love to know how to care for these when you get them and to keep their longevity for generations to come.

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