Day 35 – Philodendron dinner



 This stunner, from the 1940’s, has THE biggest, boldest leaf print of any in my collection. Of course, it was the red that caught my eye but the grey leaves that had me saying “Ohhhhh….”

And it came with napkin friends : )

Red...lots of red...

Back to my favorite red : ) And where I started with this is not where I ended up. It was the silverware, of all things, that sent me in a different direction.

It’s not a stretch to see the red Fiesta come out – and the white and grey make PERFECT sense.

I started out with either the red or grey Fiesta pitcher, even thought about getting some large leaves out of the garden as a centerpiece…

…but then I put the silverware on the table and the silver just hit me as so pretty. It’s that whole magpie thing : )

So I went back in the house for the vintage chrome and red apple-juice bakelite handle beverage pitcher.

Cue happy dance.

It had just the right amount of ‘oomph’ that I wanted to see.

The napkins, included with the cloth, are the same smokey grey as in the leaves. There were also three red-edged napkins so I can easily set a table for six and I’m thinking this may be a jumping off piece for a holiday setting that is a little different…

The silverware is the french bistro set I found at Cost Plus and the salt and pepper shakers are the red Fiesta (technically scarlet since ‘red’ Fiesta really refers to the original red we now call ‘radioactive red’)

Red footed glassware : )

The’ frosting on the cake’ are the adorable red footed fruit/dessert cups that I got at the last Peddlar’s Fair. Perfect for fruit or shrimp cocktail  they are about as cute as Stuart (who hopped up on the table, tried knocking everything off and got asked to leave, but otherwise he’s pretty sweet). The little glasses are red and black stripes, and anything stripes is welcome here!

Chrome and bakelite!

And of course there is the chrome and bakelite centerpiece. I found this at the Alameda Flea market four years ago when I was looking for shiny things to use as vases for all my tables when I got married. This piece was a little over my budget but well worth it. There was also an adventure with a very pushy, slightly scary vendor that day that saw a great deal on shiny objects but left us walking away quickly and vowing to never go to that part of the flea market again…like a black hole he would just suck you in…

Yes, I exaggerate, but only slightly…

Tomorrow – Abutilon tea

331 days to go!!

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