Day 34 – Lance Armstrong tribute

Yellow for Lance

On this day in 2005, Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France and announced his retirement from cycling. I searched my stock to find something with yellow in it that wasn’t too feminine (no roses!). I want to highlight the yellow that symbolizes the Livestrong organization’s ‘color’.

Yellow was chosen for its importance in professional cycling, as it is the color of the yellow jersey worn by the leader of the Tour de France. More importantly than winning the Tour de France, Lance is a cancer survivor and warrior. His organization has raised millions for cancer research and education and he has shown what survivors are capable of accomplishing.

To Lance, and all he has done, I dedicate this day.

Dinner for Lance : )

This yellow and grey tablecloth was a great jumping off point. I LOVE the yellow/grey combination, something about the cool grey set off with the warm yellow just makes me happy. Now the interesting part…

In the table setting above the yellow plates are the pale post 86 yellow like the casserole dish in the middle of the table. While it ‘matched’ the color of the cloth I didn’t care for it, a little dull really.

So I changed them out for the vintage Fiesta and that added some spice!

They are also much closer to the color of the Livestrong wristbands : )

I kept everything else the same, including the different place setting color combos.

Here we have the white Fiesta plate acting as a charger with the vintage yellow on top.

I used a modern grey salad plate coupled with the modern yellow custard cup. I like the way the vintage yellow ‘pops’ the rest of the colors.

Of course, you can always choose another option or two : )

Lots of white..

Use more white so the yellow REALLY pops! or…

Grey tamer

Tame it with some grey! Either way, these are all eye catching : ) The napkins came with the cloth (once again, thanks Nadine!) and the silverware is the french ivory from Sur la Table.

The casserole dish is Fiesta but the cute little creamer and sugar? Salvation Army finds : )

Creamer and sugar love : )

I think I found them right after I found the grey plaid set of dishes and ALMOST didn’t buy them…almost. They go really well with the grey plaid, and will make many more appearances through the year, but for now are happy additions to this table.

Today, I salute Lance for his incredible drive and contributions. Here is one of my favorite stories about him:

According to Armstrong’s first book, Dr. Shapiro convinced him that he was the right neurosurgeon for him by saying: “You’ll have to convince me you know what you’re doing,” said Armstrong. “Look, I’ve done a large number of these,” Shapiro said, “I’ve never had anyone die, and I’ve never made anyone worse.” “Yeah, but why should you be the person who operates on my head?” Armstrong responded. “Because as good as you are at cycling”-he paused-“I’m a lot better at brain surgery”.

Tomorrow – Philodendron dinner

332 days to go!!

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