Day 32 – Drinks & dessert in the garden


Check out this AMAZING glass and ice bucket set! Complete with handy carrier, it features eight glasses, two of each color combo, circling a glass ice bucket complete with original tongs.

These are in nearly perfect shape, from the 50′s or early 60′s and just scream fun, fun, fun! And the ice bucket is GLASS that is silvered, not metal. Pretty cool : )

Early in the evening...

First I was going to do a ‘buffet’ thing – put out the drink set with dessert plates and napkins and let people help themselves. Great idea, not so great to look at.

When I was looking through things to see what would go with the happy balloons I was looking for something polka dotted and then voila! I found sputniks. It’s got the blues and the greens, and with the sputniks, what else do we need?

Taking my cue from the colors on the glasses I pulled out my Fiesta plates and bowls. The yellow and turquoise plates are vintage, the orange and green modern.

The little custard (or in this case, whipped cream) bowls are all modern. Even though they aren’t the EXACT colors of the balloons  they go really well together anyway.

My original plan was to use the ice bucket for a holder for some flowers. It’s very warm here today, flowers were sad.


The napkins are all vintage and each one a different color. Imagine my surprise when I looked for an orange napkin and I have nary a one!

Something to put on my list of things to look for when my mom and I hit the Longest yard sale in a couple of weeks in Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

We made a multi-berry tart for dessert tonight, that along with big piles of whipped cream will be a happy way to end the day. That and homemade lemonade…yummy.

And my Shoot Manager decided to come supervise -

Hi Stuart!

He took one look at the sparkly turquoise straws I was planning on using and decided they were his. First he pulled each one out of the glass, beat it up for a while and then hopped off the table with a mouth full…

Come back!

It’s true, you don’t own cats. They allow you to feed and love them but they are in charge : )

Tomorrow – A late supper

334 days to go!!

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