Day 31 – Green & purple pansy love!

The green in this cloth is SO bright its nearly neon! I mean seriously, my daughter has the chartreuse Fiesta dishes and they were a little ‘sedate’ with this!

Make it work!

Even my lime green dining room is ‘calm’ compared to this riot of color : )

So here’s the deal – purple and green is one of my all time favorite color combinations. When I was in school I discovered, quite by accident, that purple and green was also my costume design teacher’s favorite color combo. It’s good to be understood.

So, Richard Battle, where ever you are right now (most likely doing make-up at San Francisco Opera) I dedicate this to you : )

We have a fiesta of Fiesta going on here. The dinner plates are lilac, a color that was discontinued just as I started collecting. There were major issues with the glazes that they couldn’t get just right so it was retired. I was smart enough to buy four of the dinner plates, not smart enough to buy four of everything else : (

I was also lucky enough to find four that were evenly colored and matched. I do remember that was a bit of a challenge.


The small salad plates are the plum that are one of my favorite all time colors (after the red of course!)

Then I had a dilemma. I loved the lilac on the bottom but couldn’t decided between plum or chartreuse salad and then the opposite for the bowl.

So I did both. Actually, the small bowl pictured is the current lemongrass which has a touch more yellow in it than the chartreuse, making it a pretty good match to the cloth. Here you can see the chartreuse with the plum and lilac…

Do you like this view?...

And here you can see the lemongrass with the plum and lilac…

or this?

I guess I’d let my guests pick their favorite : )

I chose napkins with a grey border to go with the grey design in the cloth, grey Fiesta pitcher and gravy boat and a set of salt & pepper shakers from my Magnolia dishes. I just like the shape, they kind of go with the modern shape of the glasses. Of course my favorite french ivory silver ware from Sur la Table are present, along with the fabulous $3 green dish the woman at the flea market was determined NOT to take home with her. No, the flowers on the table aren’t pansies. Pansies and July – not friends.

Salad and berries for dinner!

It’s so warm today that all my assistants were hiding out in dark, cool places. Not even the lure of fish snacks would bring them out! We’ll be having salad and mixed berries and taking a walk in the open space when it’s cool.

Tomorrow – Drinks & dessert in the garden

335 days to go!!

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