Day 30 – Lunch blues

Turquoise and gold swirls : )

 When I bought this cloth on ebay it was described as “Turquoise with gold cherries”. Well….cherries! In gold no less. It just HAD to come live with me. When it arrived I looked at the print closely and decided it was more like ‘peaches’ rather than ‘cherries’. Who am I to discriminate? Peaches are almost as good as cherries and to me, the quintessential summer fruit.

Swirls galore

What looks like brown or bronze is really a gold ink that has most likely darkened through the years. Amazingly, it doesn’t look like it was washed much since a good portion of the ink is still present.

I love the rococo feeling of this design! It’s rather formal in feeling so it demands a little more serious approach to lunch : )

I have a set of basic white dishes with a gold band around the edge. Once again I bought these WAY back in the 80’s when I was trying to emulate the table settings I saw in the original “Victoria” magazine. They were a Macy’s find and I bought the whole set on sale after Christmas.

The blue glass dishes are a recent find – once again at Goodwill.

What caught my eye was the pattern, they are very close to the Petalware depression glass pattern. I have a decent sized collection of pink Petalware and when I held these up side by side I could see the ‘petals’ around the edge of the plate are closer and more finely drawn in the depression glass. That, and the depression glass doesn’t have “Mexico”stamped on it : )

No matter, the blue was quite inexpensive and looks great!

There is a ‘cut glass’ creamer and sugar bowl (that I put the orchid in) that were one of those 50 cent garage sale finds. They are crazy-out-there in a Liberace kind of way but they work here : )

Ready to eat?

The napkins are vintage, the silverware the reproduction French Ivory from Sur la Table and the water glasses the Noritake Bamboo. There is only a cut glass pepper shaker on the table because I put out the little salt cellars my grandma found for me at the resale store she used to volunteer in. They come with individual little tiny spoons in each one : )

Orchid love

There is something quiet and dignified about orchids. Just for Trevor, because he asked, I took a super up-close shot.

I have a new Studio Manager:

Studio Manager - Stuart

He hopped up and refused to leave until I was done. He has decided THAT spot on the bench is his and his alone : )

So be it. I know which battles need fighting and which don’t.

Tomorrow – Green and purple pansy love!

336 days to go!!

(Can you believe we’ve been doing this for a month now??! I can’t. Onward!)

1 comment to Day 30 – Lunch blues

  • Angie

    I love this color combo, this is what I was going to do in our bedroom when we first moved it. I guess I saw something shinny and got destratcted because our room is the furthest from this as you can get. this is a setting I would love on a hot day. The blue is so cool and the black and white always seems so simple and clean to me.

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