Day 29 – Red Gingham and blue violets

Gingham BOWS!

We’ve got reds, we’ve got blues and we’ve got BOWS!!

Long ago, in a costume galaxy not so far away, I loved bows (it was the 80’s and perfectly appropriate!). My mother said she could tell which costumes I had designed when she saw the bows. There is something sweet about bows and to put a gingham pattern on….ultimate chick thing!

Add some blue and red...

 Since I have a plethora of red dishes its always about the editing. What I really liked about this cloth was the little bits of  green in the leaves and yellow in the center of the violets. How to bring these out…hmmmmm…

 I started with the red, in my world that’s always a good place to start. At first I put the vintage blue Fiesta plate on the red, which was lovely, but a little intense and predictable. Back in the house I went, searching for the green plates and voila! Now there’s some life there. The little red footed bowls had to come play as well as the vintage stripey glasses.

 And how perfect are those glasses? Red, blue, green and yellow stripes with red bases! We’re on a roll here.

The gingham napkins are a modern addition. One yard of fabric will make 4 large 18″ by 18″ napkins for about a dollar a napkin.

For parties I’ve been known to buy a bunch of gingham and just roll hem 30 or so napkins. No paper in the landfill, they’re washable and easy to store.

The green shaker is vintage Fiesta while the red shaker and creamer are modern.

The blue ball pitcher is vintage, and still one of my favorite ebay purchases.

sprinkle in the yellow and serve!

Check out the silverware! Butterscotch and red, how yummy is that! This was a set I found at the Steffen collection in Martinez. Tim said it came from a cabin in Michigan or Wisconsin. Most likely the pieces started out as someone’s everyday silverware but as they aged they got taken to the ‘cabin’ as they were ‘serviceable’.

The yellow has mellowed, the finish matte but they are still fun. Fun pieces like this are like great earrings on a really nice outfit – you could have done without but that detail polishes the look.

And yes, I had help today:

Olivia : )

Olivia! She zipped in to see what was going on and gave her meow of approval. She’s the cat that Pepe LePew would have fallen in love with, small and adorable : )

Tomorrow – Lunch blues

337 days to go!!

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