Day 27 – Breakfast with Minnie!

Polka dots!

Today, in 1955, Walt Disney threw open the gates of Disneyland and changed the world! I have MANY fond memories of trips to Disneyland both growing up and then taking my daughter as she grew up. Today, we celebrate Minnie : )

Red and dots galore

How can you go wrong with red and white polka dots?

In my opinion, you just can’t.

The polka dot mug and bowl are fairly recent, I found them at Sur la Table on sale. The polka dot tea kettle was an Alameda Flea Market find and it was one of those moments where I saw it down the aisle and walked quickly to check it out. I wasn’t sure about it at first since it does have some small dings but when another couple women started giving me ‘the eye’ I decided that a couple minor imperfections were worth being able to take it home.  Never regretted it : )

The silverware are my favorite bakelite from the Steffen Collection in Martinez. Tim has such a good eye for bakelite and will tell you everything you need to know if you just ask! The polka dot bowl sits on a white Fiesta salad plate which sits on a red Fiesta luncheon plate. The bud vase is purple Fiesta.

Minnie was one of my daughters favorite characters – she dressed up for Halloween when she was two and wore the dress for WEEKS after!

Brittany as Minnie!

 One of my former students, Ruby, had the pleasure of playing Minnie at Disneyland for a while. She said she preferred Minnie since she had some ‘sass’, all in a good way : ) I think that’s why we like Minnie too.

Happy Birthday Disneyland! I wish I were there to see the parade and fireworks today.

Tomorrow – Berry Breakfast

339 days to go!!

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