Day 26 – Ivy for the book club

Ivy on a fence!

Ivy seems to be a close second in themes right now. This one has a quiet charm to it, quite a change from the reds and blues of the past few days. It also came with matching napkins – a we should all know by now how much Sue and I love the matching napkins of a set!

A quiet afternoon

After the craziness of the last few days, and staying up all night to see the last “Harry Potter” movie it felt like a good time for a quiet meal and some good books.

Ready to relax!

Round : )

The large plates and small bowls are the wonderful grey plaid dinnerware I found at Salvation Army a few years back. One of my favorite pieces is the creamer – its got that round thing going for it : ) I’m guessing they are from the 50′s.

The small green plates are a mixture of vintage green Fiesta and modern Fiesta. I prefer the brightness of the vintage but didn’t have enough so I filled in with new.

The round grey pitcher is modern (post 86) Fiesta. I love this shape, I think I bought one of every color I could find!

 The ivy glasses are one of my latest ‘finds’.

I was perusing the dish shelves at Goodwill when, at the far back of a shelf I saw the glint of leaves.It took some maneuvering to get these out, packed in as they were.

I can’t say the color is my favorite. Makes me think of all those avocado appliances from the late 60′s and through the 70′s. I have to say that particular shade of green is really one of my least favorites but I like the leaf pattern so much that I decided to spend the four dollars and bring them home.

I will admit that now they are on a table I really like them!








The silverware is a mix of my french ivory and bakelite. I had the cute green knives that were just the right color so I figured why not!

And check out the napkins! Once again – thanks Nadine.

Stuart is back!

Stuart hopped up to help today. Maybe later we can both curl up with a good book : ) Time for quiet and naps.

Tomorrow – Breakfast with Minnie!

340 days to go!!

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