Day 25 – Red Ribbons & Roses

The roses...

When I unfolded this tablecloth from the pile and saw not only the red and blue border but…

...and the ribbons!

the ribbons and swirls in the center, it all  made me smile : )

We’ve got my favorite red, my favorite blue AND a happy maypole-like center, time for TEA!

My red Fiesta luncheon plates were the perfect color, that gorgeous blue-red, and then I piled on a white Fiesta salad plate. The little white Fiesta tumblers are surprising wonderful to drink tea from and chat with friends. I have the perfect blue-edged vintage napkins but only two : ( I threw a red one in there for fun and it looks great!

The tea set : )

My favorite tea set is back – check out the color match there!

And what is that in the creamer?


Cherries that are actually made to put on a hat. They are celluloid, like what film is made from. They are delicate and beautiful. Why in the creamer?

It’s unexpected : ) And I love cherries.

The vase in the back is Fiesta, it’s their Millenium II vase. For me that was the most exciting thing of the whole millenium rollover.

I did have an assistant today – he hopped up on the table, grabbed the cherries and took off into the back yard!


I got the cherries back unharmed. But then he turned his attention to that which was taking MY attention away from HIM – the camera!

It’s pretty hard to get mad at something so cute.

Since I JUST got home from staying up all night seeing the new Harry Potter movie, I’ve got some fresh inspiration for future table settings. Let’s just say its a shame the theater wouldn’t let me bring in a picnic basket : )

Tomorrow – Ivy for the book club

341 days to go!!

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