Day 24 – Bastille Day!

Allons enfants de la patrie – le jour de gloire est arrive!

Bastille day!

Happy Bastille Day! This is the French Independence Day, where they commemorate the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. This day marks the beginning of the French Revolution where the people signaled that the king’s powers were no longer absolute. Originally the Bastille was stormed to free the prisoners there but there were only seven being held at the time. It was the act of storming the Bastille that was so significant.

Now it’s a day of celebration, fireworks and food. On to the food!The white plates with the blue band are plates my mom has had for years. The seemed like the perfect frame to the rest of the setting. The blue salad plate is vintage Fiesta and the red bowl is modern (post 86) Fiesta. We’re going for the whole Liberty, Equality and Fraternity colors of the French flag!

I didn’t have enough red and blue plates to do exactly what I wanted so I tried a couple different things. This setting uses a red salad plate, small vintage blue plate and the red berry bowl. I like the mulitple layers here : )

The silverware is my favorite red bistro set and the napkins are some of the ‘new’ vintage pieces I got from Nadine at the flea market.

There is a real, and yummy, fruit tart on the cute little cake stand. I did say that every now and then we’d throw some food in there, and that we’d be eating it. We’ll be eating this very soon : )

Because I thought it might be nice to drink something bubbly I pulled out some of the cute little bamboo champagne glasses.

The blue water glasses are hand blown from Mexico. If I remember correctly we bought the set in Tlaquepaque and stuffed our clothes (and underwear!) in them to pack them safely to bring home. My mother still delights in the fact that we put our underwear in them. I do too : ) They have been washed MANY times over the years, I assure you!



Tart and towers : )

I have yet to get to Paris but everytime someone I know goes I ask them to bring me back some little Eiffel Tower figure and these are a couple of them. These are REAL french imports, hand carried from France!

The French really know how to make this day special. Sit down to a meal today with friends or family, take time to talk. Just enjoy it and the people in your life.

Tomorrow – Red Ribbons and Roses

342 days to go!!

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