Day 23 – RW&B cupcakes!


I did say that all kinds of things inspire us. Went downtown to get cat food, came back with cupcakes for people!

I still have quite a few red, white and blue tabelclothes and when I saw these happy creations in the store window I HAD to.Life is uncertain, eat dessert first : ) Don’t know who said it but that’s genius.

time for cupcakes!

 Modern blue Fiesta sits on red lunch plates that nestle on white dinner plates. Naturally the cherry glasses made an appearance, along with the white Fiesta tumblers, tea pot and sugar bowl. The blue disc pitcher is an Anniversary pitcher that came out in 1996 for the 60th anniversary of Homer Laughlin.

Anniversary pitcher

I don’t normally go in for the advertising but this piece was on sale, and its round, so there we are : ) I love the fact that the creamer is just a really tiny version of this.

The plate the cupcakes are on was yet another April Cornell find. The silverware is the bistro stuff I found at Cost Plus and the napkins are some vintage ones that Sue found at a garage sale for less than $2.

cool floral center

The niftiest thing about this particular cloth is the center, a very dramatic red floral design.

Hello Lady Liberty

And the little Statue of Liberty figure in the center of the cupcake plate? She is a nod to France, and tomorrow is Bastille day!

Allons enfants de la patrie….!

343 days to go!!

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