Day 22 – Ivy with green glass

The ivy...

We start with ivy…the colors of this cloth are stunning. They did well in their color choices and the inks have survived really well all these years. Now to add the glass…

and the glass!

The glass in this case is all depression, and as the perfect accessory I added quail : )

Quail make me happy, at one time I raised bob white quail and they are by far and away some of the smartest animals, bird and non-bird! If you’ve never read the book “That Quail, Robert” by Margaret Stanger I HIGHLY recommend it. One of the best animal books EVER!

But I digress….

Birds eye view : )

Since my dining set was made in the 50′s its the perfect size for a lot of the tablecloths. You can see here how the dark green center is bordered by the ivy and fits perfectly on the table top.

I started with the white Fiesta plates on the bottom to add some contrast to the delicate greens of the depression glass.

In this case I have the Block design, very art deco inspired. I started collecting depression glass in the late 80′s when I lived in LA and discovered the Rose Bowl Flea Market. MOST AWESOME FLEA MARKET…EVER… ANYWHERE. I was inspired by a picture in a Martha Steward cookbook showing a wall of different colors of glass and knew I wanted a collection like that someday.

So I started with pink and green. I found a young couple who knew their stuff and were willing to share their knowledge. The also believed in taking the list price and marking things down 25% so the deals were awesome!

Not from a birds eye : )

This shows a different style of bread plate, not block but you can see its just as nifty. The water glasses were a present from my sister and the dessert glasses a thrift store find. The polka dot napkins needed to come play today  and the french ivory silverware looks fab. My three dollar flea market green planter/vase holds the ivy I plucked from my garden. I think I have almost every version of ivy on the planet in my back yard. Someone REALLY loved ivy back in the 50′s : )


How cute is he?! Quails like ivy, I like quail so he was the assistant today.

Back to the birds eye : )

The plate with the quail on it was a find in Sonora, when we took my daughter to gold country to visit the town of Columbia. She panned for gold, I hit the vintage stores : ) The plate was put out by a hardware store as a piece of advertising and when I found it I’m told I let out a little scream. Ah well, at least my daughter wasn’t around to be embarrassed.

Tomorrow – R,W & B Cupcakes!

344 days to go!!

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