Day 21 – Sunflowers in the sun

Sunflower dishes!

Don’t you just love these? It’s actually a bowl and salt and pepper shakers!

Now that the weather is ‘normal’ we can eat in leisure where we like without fear of heat stroke. I still like it outside this time of year, and I think after all the rain we had this spring that we’re just trying to store some vitamin D.

Once again, April Cornell makes an appearance in the tablecloth and the pillows. I bought this set about 8 years ago and it’s still a favorite. I don’t know what I’m going to do when these pieces actually age and fall apart! For now, I’ll just enjoy : )

LOTS of sunflowers!

Let's hear it for the blue and gold!

When you have such a great cloth its easy to pull out the vintage Fiesta. The yellow dinner plates and small pitcher are vintage Fiesta, the creamer is Harlequin.

The blue salad plates are vintage Fiesta and the adorable sunflower bowls and salt & pepper shakers are a set I found at Mervyn’s back in the early 90’s! Of all places…

The only ‘catch’ is they aren’t very high quality so if you’re not super careful they chip. There is MUCH more to the set than I’m showing here, and they WILL make a repeat performance!

The napkins are vintage, the silverware my favorite french ivory from Sur la Table.

The small yellow pitcher on the upper right of the table is an Italian import I found on sale at Pottery Barn a few years back. ALWAYS look in their sale section! The glasses are my favorite Noritake bamboo, they are so perfect for iced tea.

Stuart : )

My assistant today? Stuart! He really liked the real sunflowers, which seems odd since they aren’t exactly roses (which cats love!).

He did try to knock the silverware to the ground so he was invited to take a nap in the house while I finished up. You have to admit, they are pretty:

Happy faces

Be thankful for the small things, like happy flowers and the occasional cupcake. My friends 12 year old daughter starts radiation today to try to kill her cancer once and for all, think how much better your Monday is : ) If you got ’em, pray for Ari’s speedy recovery.

Tomorrow – Ivy and green glass

345 days to go!!

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