Day 20 – My Mom’s Birthday!

Favorite colors!

These are my mom’s favorite colors! She loves blue and orange, or coral, and turquoise and orange. So I went shopping specifically for a tablecloth in that color combo and this is what I found at the flea market thanks to Nadine!

Happy Birthday dinner

This became a great exercise in using what you have. When I went to find my blue and orange Fiesta I couldn’t find four of any color or size plates. I knew I had the blue but for the life of me I just couldn’t find them! Then I couldn’t find the small orange… So I decided to just go with it and see what happened, and I like it!

the blue side


Two place settings are blue dinner plates, orange salad plates topped with a cream/blue and silver banded Lennox plate.

My mom found the Lennox set at a church rummage sale some years ago. She has a different Lennox pattern that is her ‘good’ china that just has a simple platinum band around the outer edge. These made the perfect companion pieces to that set so that at Thanksgiving we have enough ‘nice’ china for everyone.

When she went to pay they were asking a ridiculously low price so she researched them out at home and took them a slightly larger check. It was, after all, for a good cause : )

I have to say I like the way the Lennox is framed by the Fiesta.

the orange side

You can see the French Ivory silverware and the vintage napkins. Check out those glasses!


How happy are these! Turquoise, blue, coral and gold, they SCREAM party!! Sue found this set of bar ware at the flea market, there are actually four different colors in the set, these were just perfect for this table. They also came with a holder AND an ice bucket and tongs! They will be seen again in their full glory : )It seemed only fitting that since orange is so prominent that we have carrot cupcakes : ) I had some nasturtiums in the garden that the deer haven’t eaten yet so they decorate the tops. The flowers are a mix of a dahlia (from my yard), lillies and freesias.

Happy Birthday to my mom, who may not always understand me but who always supports me.

Tomorrow – Sunflowers in the sun

346 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 20 – My Mom’s Birthday!

  • Angie

    What a lovely china the lennox is. I’ve stayed away from nicer china because I don’t do to fancy, I’m not married so never asked for it, and I frankly don’t have the space. This mix of fancy with everyday sure does make a girl dream.

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