Day 18 – Red roses and the blues


Big Rose!

Is this a perfect holiday rose or what?! We got the red, we got the blue, we’ve got scalloped borders and swirly ribbons. Time to eat!

Lunch is served : )

I’m keeping the dish colors on the quiet side today, we’re all feeling a little tired from the heat. Not even Minnie was interested in supervising although I left her seat open just in case.

Left, in the shade

More blueberries! And to go with the blueberries, more cream!

I’ve pulled out the creamer and sugar from the Lipton tea set. The color is PERFECT here! Instead of using the vintage teapot that matches I’m using the post 86 white Fiesta pot.

My mother has a genius way to make iced tea in the summer. She boils a small amount of water (you can do this in a microwave) then steeps a really strong large cup of tea. Throughout the day just add ice and water and you’ve got fresh made tea without the heat!


Blues up close

I prefer to use an modern pot to brew the tea in JUST IN CASE. I’d hate to crack the vintage piece and lose it : )

Naturally the cherry glasses HAD to make an appearance. They aren’t vintage, but if you go by many flea market ‘rules’ that define vintage, they will be in another 8 years (then they’ll be 20 years old).

Once again I’m using my trusty stand-by Fiesta plates in red and white. The vase the flowers are in is also Fiesta, and sadly it got knocked around while outside this winter and has a few cracks : ( Another thing to put on my list of “to find”.

Shakers with a tail!

These, are without a doubt, one of my FAVORITE finds of the year! They are a small salt and pepper shaker set that sit in that cute base that has a TAIL! It makes it easy to grab and pass but the thought of something having a tail just makes me giggle everytime I look at it. The red tops sealed the deal for me. The seller said she thought they were from the 40’s but frankly it didn’t matter at that point. Sold!Happy Friday to all! Eat lots of berries. Stop and smell the flowers. As a mom of a child with cancer is famous for saying “Go live in the moment. It’s all you’re guaranteed.”

Tomorrow:A blue experiment in the garden

348 Days to go!!

1 comment to Day 18 – Red roses and the blues

  • Angie

    I wish cute things like that were still made today for ladies like us. Then again I do love recycling and that is what buying vintage is.

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