Day 17 – Petunias in red and blue

Red petunias & blue leaves : )

I suppose these could also be morning glories, but since I have petunias in bloom right now I’m going with petunias.


Happy flower faces

Here we go with the round shapes! This is a lovely ‘delicate blue’ color, a little on the grey side and it goes so well with the flowers!I’m not normally a big fan of ‘dyed’ flowers, the process where they stick a flower like a carnation, daisy or sunflower in a bucket o’ dye to get them to do something (like turn blue!) that isn’t in nature. I also don’t eat blue food, Jeffrey Steingarten says he’s fairly sure God meant blue to be  reserved for food that’s gone bad and I agree. That whole blue raspberry thing in the 90′s wasn’t my thing. BUT these seemed charming, and they did go with the Fiesta ware.


I like to think of this as ‘calm and restrained’. The blue is very soothing on such a hot day – it’s still in the mid-90′s here but should be going back to ‘normal’ in the next day or two.

Love the pop of the red : )


The red Fiesta custard cups sit on a blue Fiesta salad plate which is on a white Fiesta dinner plate. The silverware is bakelite and the napkins vintage from our friend Nadine.


The little disc pitcher is technically a creamer but I use them for  salad dressing, chocolate and fudge sauce and every once in a while, cream! It doesn’t hurt that it is terribly cute and, like the perfect pair of earrings, finishes off the table ‘outfit’.

I love the bold blue leaves and the scallopy border, and of course it’s blue and red!

The little white Fiesta tumblers are one of those lost-but-found items. They were used quite commonly years ago, and with the advent of cheap glassware weren’t produced as much. They can be tough to find, maybe its a west coast thing, but I think they are surprisingly comfy. They’ll keep a hot drink hot, a cold drink cool and fit into small hands nicely.

The tall glasses are my favorite bamboo glasses. Put strawberry lemonade in them and see how pretty they are!

No assistants today : ( It was too hot so they fled to the lavender and passed out.

Hot kitties

THAT’S how to get through a hot day!

Tomorrow: Red roses and the blues

349 days to go!!



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