Day 16 – Red and blue-berries and cream


Red AND blue berries!

It’s probably obvious by now that I REALLY like these red and blue tablecloths!

In actuality the red are probably currants, but I’m just going to think of them like cherries and go from there.

Berry breakfast

It’s still hot here so we’re still eating out by the pond. It’s pretty cool until mid-afternoon when we begin to wonder if we’ve moved to Arizona and blocked it out.


I piled a vintage blue Fiesta plate on top of a red post 86 luncheon plate on top of the white Fiesta.

Because the tablecloth is all about berries the cherry glasses just HAD to make an appearance!

The carnations are in a red Fiesta pitcher, which I love for its round shape. I’m drawn towards the round items; disc pitchers, ball pitchers, if it’s round I probably have it or want it.

The silverware is bakelite and the sugar bowl is Fiesta.

Those bowls...



Those little berry bowls are part of the set I found at the Peddlar’s fair not long ago. They are a swirled glass with a painted base. Fortunately, their former owner(s) took good care of them and didn’t put them in the dishwasher so the red paint is in great shape considering its age.

Blueberries, topped with a cherry. Good way to start the day.

Check out the napkins ———–>

Are they napkins? Or are they something else?




They are actually dish towels! The measure about 15-24, a standard dish or tea towel size. When folded a certain way, they look like a fabulous napkin that matches the tablecloth. Opened up, they could be a placemat, a small runner or the aforementioned dish towel.

You just never know when and where these will show up again.


The cream : )

The fun, quirky touch on this table is the cream. It is NOT vintage, we bought this not long ago at our local Whole Foods. The Straus Family creamery is a small, family owned organic creamery. I can’t eat dairy well, so I don’t generally. But if we want to make home-made ice cream this is what we buy. There IS a difference, and one of the most amazing things about them is they use cow poop to power their plant and electric car! Check them out -

Doesn’t hurt that they have one cool label : ) Let’s hope that cooling trend all the weather people are talking about happens! It’s a little tough to leave work, where it’s 72, and emerge here in 94 degree glory : )

Tomorrow – Petunias in red and blue

350 days to go!!

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