Day 15 – Red, white and blue!


Roses, lillies and daisy's

Red and blue flowers galore today!

Did I mention that I love the red/blue combination? And that I had many to choose from? Here we go….

Time for breakfast

So I pull this one out of the stack and notice it’s a little on the wrinkled side. I took one look at the iron, and after the 99 degree day yesterday (and another one expected today), there was just no way. Apologies to my mom, the ironing goddess, but I just couldn’t do it…

We have a guest...

Miss Minnie didn’t seem to mind the wrinkles. She hopped up on the bench and decided she was supervising and nothing was going to move her!

She liked the big red Fiesta plates as well as the small vintage blue Fiesta. But she got the most excited about the white Fiesta berry bowls WITH the cherries in them. She doesn’t want to eat them, merely rub up against them and then bat one around as if it were a mouse.




The blue ball pitcher was an ebay find – it isn’t in perfect shape BUT there are no cracks that would leak, no chips or scratches AND it was a whopping six dollars.

It’s ‘almost’ Maxfield Parrish blue, which is one of my favorite shades. I thought it pretty awesome with this tablecloth : )

Of course my favorite cherry glasses HAD to make an appearance, especially since I’ve got real cherries on the table!


Minnie again

The red cup is current Fiesta, the saucer is vintage. The napkins are new and vintage, from our friend Nadine at the flea market. I love that grid/cross pattern! And Minnie is still refusing to move : )

Blue beauty

Up close and personal on the blue pitcher – you can see the crazing in the finish BUT until I had this in the very bright light I couldn’t see anything.

You can, however, see a cat ear near the cherries. She just hung out all day, until it hit about 98 and then we ALL went hunting for shade and cool : )








Down the table...

I ate so much watermelon, corn, strawberry shortcake and guacamole that I have that after-Thanksgiving full-thing going! Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July – here’s to 351 more days!!

Tomorrow -Red and blue-berries and cream

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