Day 14 – *Fourth of July*


Happy Fourth!

This is one of my favorite holidays. Love the reds, the blues, the berries and the fireworks. For now, I’m loving the cupcakes, fruit and ice cream this table promises : )

Red and blue galore!

I pulled out my mom’s red-checked table cloth that I’ve seen most of my life. Here’s an irony – one of my FAVORITE color combos is red/blue and so I own about a dozen red/blue floral clothes. I thought I’d have a hard time deciding which one to feature today BUT…then I pulled out the star plates and knew that putting that deep blue with the delicate prints just wouldn’t work. Those plates needed BOLD and BRIGHT and SIMPLE.

Stars AND polka dots!


Voila! Bold and bright, polka dots, stars AND cherries. Out comes my favorite red Fiesta plates and the stars go on top. The star dishes came from IKEA, which in and of itself isn’t out of the ordinary. What WAS different was the timing. I bought these last Christmas…as in December. And they weren’t a line that just ended up being sold that time of year, they were the featured line! To top it off, the companions to this set were red with hearts!! It’s like Valentine’s day met the fourth of July in December and created their own holiday… those Swedes… : )

But I took advantage of the after-Christmas sales and bought a few pieces and now I’m a happy girl.

The glasses have the cherries (and red!), the polka dot pitcher came from the Alameda Flea Market and the ice bucket from my friend Tim at the Steffen Collection in Martinez. The end of the ice scoop and the lid are red apple juice bakelite. They look a lot like Jolly Rancher candies : )


Lookin' down the table

The napkin rings are brass stars, the napkins vintage, the ice cream scoop in the middle of the table has a bakelite handle. And check out the REAL berries! I made the flag ‘fans’ from a Martha Stewart clip art I saved from her July 2003 issue. They were easy, look adorable and in this 100 degree heat, actually work!

Because it was so hot I took a break from pictures for a while and came back at sunset.


As it got dark I pulled out my solar lights (another IKEA find and AMAZING). These can go anywhere in the yard since you don’t need to depend on a power source. They come with their own solar charger so all they need is a bright spot, and that would be anywhere in California right now.

Candle power

I decided that not only did we need to pull in some fire power for sparkle but that cupcakes were in order as well! Stuck a little flag in them and they are now dressed for a celebration. What kind? Red velvet naturally : )

And so you can see the full picture, not cropped, here you are:

The whole yard at dusk ; )

After a long, hot day its cool and calm out there.

I found Nadine at the Flea Market today, she is our all-time FAVORITE linen lady! She always has beautiful things, painstakingly cleaned and ironed and where she can, she matches up napkins. We only see her a couple times of year but today I found some GEMS that I’m looking forward to playing with. My favorite of the bunch? The fluorescent green leaves with purple violets tablecloth! Thanks Nadine : )

Tomorrow – More red, white and blue!

352 days to go!!

4 comments to Day 14 – *Fourth of July*

  • Angie

    Loved the this day in history. Remins me that every day can be special and is in one way or another.

  • sask77

    Jeez – nevermind, I’m an idiot. You’ve done that in other days, just less so in this one.


  • Trevor


    Now I have to say up front, as a Canadian, I don’t usually ask to see Americana super close up; however, in this case… You mention your cool objects on the table, but it’s sometimes hard to see on the screen shot. Could you take a couple macro shots too?


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