Day 13 – It’s Berry time!



It’s Berry time here in California!

I think July is one of my favorite months just because of the fruit. Not only do we still have an abundance of strawberries, but now the rest are coming ripe – blueberries, raspberries, the stone fruits…so July is going to be all about the red, white and blue-berries!

Bur first we start with strawberries : )The green of this cloth just so happens to exactly match the post 86 seafoam green Fiesta ware. The rest was easy-peasy to pull together.

Time for shortcake!

I like the way the white plate frames the rest of the colors, then I piled on the seafoam green and topped it with the (cherry) red! The silverware is bakelite, the napkin just a lovely red border vintage piece and the cake/berry stand was actually an April Cornell find (SO sorry that store isn’t around anymore!)

The glass is one of those flea market finds where you see 5 of the same pattern in all different colors together. Of course I have to buy them all.. The upshot is you then have one that looks fabulous on the table and everyone else gets a plain glass. Oh well.




Changed up : )

I couldn’t resist playing around with the plates – I pulled out my large seafoam chop plate and used it as the ‘frame’, stacked on a red lunch plate, white salad plate and finally the red bowl. I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked better so I’m showing you both and YOU can decide!

Meanwhile, the berries smell so good, I’m going to have breakfast and head off to the Alameda Flea Market before it hits 100 today!

This day -

1863 – Battle of Gettysburg ends.

1985 – “Back to the Future” released.

M.F.K. Fischer birthday (b. 1908)


Tomorrow – 4th of July!

353 Days to go!!

1 comment to Day 13 – It’s Berry time!

  • Angie

    Red and this sea foam green is one of my fav. color combos. this single setting says you don’t have to ruff it just because you are eating alone. Loverly

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