Day 12 – Tulips and ducks



How can you resist these? Clearly I couldn’t…

Ducks and tulips

When I saw the orange tulips and Trader Joe’s I just KNEW which tablecloth they would go with. This is a gorgeous deco-inspired piece, possibly from the 40’s. It just demanded the orange and red Fiesta with the green as an accent.


Of course, along with the red Fiesta had to go red bakelite silverware. I’m finding this everywhere right now, and don’t hesitate to buy if it isn’t perfect. Many of these sets ended up at people’s summer cabins or weekend retreats. Some have scratches, some were washed with harsh detergents in the dish washer. As long as the piece is sound (metal parts not loose, no pieces missing), you like them AND they are reasonably priced, take a chance. For a dollar or two a piece you can have some fun.

The duck creamer and sugar are from a Donald Duck kids tea set. I’ve never seen the tea pot, which is a much larger duck, in person but it gives me something to look for at the flea markets. It’s always good to have a goal : ) The glasses are part of a pitcher/glass set, the frosted orange and green are yummy here. Orange has never been high on my list of colors to buy but I have to say, its moving on up! The napkins are vintage from our favorite tablecloth lady at the Alameda Flea Market.

Up close tulips


Here’s an up close shot of the center of the border, very deco! Love the red ‘brick’ border!








Red brick corner

And yes, there was an assistant again today:

Ashton kitty! I guess since he’s orange, and many things on the table were orange, he felt he was the perfect accessory : )

Tomorrow: It’s berry time!

354 Days to go!!

3 comments to Day 12 – Tulips and ducks

  • I know that, technically, cats are color-blind… but why do they always pick THE PERFECT SPOT? Our old cat, Albert, knew EXACTLY how good he looked on a green velvet chair… and Cheetah was very partial to the shadows under evergreen trees, where she knew she was literally invisible as long as her golden eyes were closed. And Claire? blue and purple. They know. Oh, they know.

  • Angie

    Ashton (Ginger Kitty) does go quite well with this lovely setting. Looks like a great way to start the day.

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