Batman – Day 3

Inspirational Mug

Bat Mug

Today, in 1989, ‘Batman” starring Michael Keaton was released. Let me just say me and Batman go WAY BACK.

As a small child I was a big fan of the TV show in the 60′s. My dad even ordered special edition posters for me to put in my

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Lemonade – Day 2

Lemonade Inspiration

Lemonade Inspiration

Today’s inspiration is lemonade, since we’re havin’ a heat wave! Icy,tangy, sweet, doesn’t get much better. Sue found this amazing pitcher and glass set for ‘next to nothing’ which probably means about five bucks. How can you not love the lemon-and-lime love? I pulled out some of my April Cornell linens. Remember

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Summer Solstice – Day 1

Earth vase

It’s summer!! We’re celebrating the long days with yard work and lots of iced tea. How about you?

Our inspiration for this table is Sue’s Earth vase. The craftsman almost didn’t sell it to her because it was ‘the most perfect of all the ones he made’. I agree, this is pretty

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Official Launch

Summer begins at 1:16 PM, June 21, 2011 (Pacific Time). At that time our first post will occur, celebrating the beginning of Summer after a long and unusual winter throughout the country. It also marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

Thank you to those who have visited our site already, putting

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