Day 10 – Feathers and Polka dots



Lime and brown, so now and yet this cloth came out in the MODern 50’s. It just happens to go perfectly in my lime dining room!

Lime wonderland!

Why lime, you might ask? Wandering the aisles one Sunday three years ago I found an amazing green bowl that I just HAD to buy. Cool shape, fabulous color…it was the inspiration for the room. I took it to the paint store to do a color match and the first go-round it was SO wrong. Looked like Roswell Alien Green, not 50’s green. It was so bright that it ‘almost’ glowed in the dark. Frankly, I’m not so sure it didn’t.

Back to the store, re-mixed the paint and took a look at Debbie Travis techniques and voila! Lime dining room : ) When I found this cloth from our favorite Alameda Flea Market vendor, it was love at first site.  So here we go…

Lookin’ to the left

Once again, the lime green Fiesta comes out, but how perfect is it here? And check out the polka dot napkins!! Along with my love of red and cherries is anything polka dot (almost, can’t say I’m crazy about the Wonderbread wrapper but that may be because it reminds me of a circus, which has clowns…).

The feathers are real. They came from Abigail, our Rhode Island Red chicken girl. She leaves us piles of feathers a couple times a year and they are stunning. Why feathers on the bowls? Why not! It’s art that you can take home with you.

More feathers

The big plates are chocolate fiesta, the tumblers and large vase the white. The pretty little green water glasses are depression glass, I think the block design. I found these many years ago at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. There are many things I liked about living in LA, and at the top of the list is the Rose Bowl Flea Market. If you EVER get the chance to go – DO! It’s adult Disneyland.

The silverware is the French Ivory from Sur la Table and the little shell vase was another sale item in a vintage store. Look in those back corners, there can be gems there!


From above!

I’m thinking creme brulee in those white bowls : )

Today, it was 60 degrees when I left work. By the weekend, it’s supposed to be 100. I think we’ll be eating outside and drinking LOTS of iced tea! Maybe a picnic on the porchswing is in order.

Tomorrow: Oh Canada!

356 Days to go!!

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