Day 9 – Meet Salt & Pepper

Meet Salt & Pepper

Aren’t these guys adorable? My daughter, Brittany, found them for 25 cents at a garage sale. They were made by ‘Napco of Cleveland Ohio’, I’m guessing late 50′s or 60′s. They’re silly and they’re fun, what better way to start?

Time to eat!

So here we have a compilation of 50′s wonderful meets a little bit of now. The tablecloth is vintage, a stunning grey/pink and burgundy floral.Yes, I know its most likely chrysanthemums but when I saw these amazing peony’s at Safeway, who could resist?

Up close and to the side : )

The grey plaid plates and bowls are another Salvation Army find. I saw them just a couple of weeks after they hit the store, a pretty complete set of dinner and salad plates, berry bowls, cups and saucers, creamer, serving platter and a couple soup bowls. I waited until they had been there 30 days and went back and snagged them for half price. LOVE half price days! The pink is modern rose Fiesta, the silverware was a Mervyn’s deal back in the early 80′s when pink was the ‘IN’ color. The  napkins came from my grandma who has decided to ‘trim things down’.

Kitty feet

My second favorite things on the table? The pink patterned glasses : )I found them at a vintage store in Martinez, but they only had 3. I bought them and then found that Sue had bought a selection of miscellaneous glasses for show props and she had the fourth!

My assistant for the day?

My assistant today


He had to hop up to check out Salt and Pepper and then try to chomp on the peonies. That maneuver got him invited to the back yard. He can help again some other day. Here is an up close of the flowers:


It’s raining and cold here in the Bay Area so we’re bundled under down on the couch!

Tomorrow: Feathers and polka dots

357 Days to go!!

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