Day 8 – Bamboo and Chinese food on the deck


Green, red and grey yummi-ness

There was something about the wonderful contrast of the bright greens against the creamy grey and that pop of RED. Did I say I like red? Love the red? Yes, love the red.

I found this small set at a new favorite vendor at the Alameda Flea Market. It’s small, just the size for a card table or small cafe table. It was most likely a bridge set, and was never used. It came complete with four grey napkins that I’m sure still had their original factory folds. The easiest way to tell if a napkin has been used? Look for the lipstick or grease stains! These, however, were pristine. Was this one of those pieces that was ‘so nice’ it was ‘special’ and ultimately just sat in the linen closet?

Well, little bamboo cloth, welcome to the light.

Lunch time!

And light it is! Bright, noon sunlight.







Not as bright : )







I pulled out some of Brittany’s nearly fluorescent lime Fiesta salad plates, topped them off with a small red berry bowl (perfect for the rice!) and laid our standard chopsticks on top. I know, I know, we should ONLY use chopsticks and don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty nifty. I just can’t do rice justice with them, hence the red bakelite fork and spoon. You can see the little grey napkins under the forks, perfect condition and ready for use. Walnut prawns and Chow Fun here we come!


Yummy enough to eat

The glasses!

Check out the glasses! I found this amazing set at Salvation Army, of all places. This looked like someone’s grandma had died and they had no idea what they had or what to do with it all. It took us a while to find all the pieces, they were so spread out. I asked the manager if they wanted to make me a deal and I’d take it all off their hands in one fell swoop. She said “We don’t do deals, how about 80 bucks?” SOLD! All told I found over 120 pieces of the Noritake Bamboo glassware. Everything from the wine  to the Tom Collins glasses, beer pilsners to brandy snifters and incredibly, 7 of the seafood servers with their liners. It took over an hour to wrap it all up, another full evening to wash it all and a garage sale to clear out the shelf space to store it : ) About a quarter of them had never been used as they still had their original paper tags still glued on, declaring that they are”Quartzex”. They will figure prominently in several more posts through the year and then I may sell off most of the set.

For now, I have some of the coolest iced tea glasses around.

Tomorrow -Meet Salt and Pepper

358 Days to go!!

1 comment to Day 8 – Bamboo and Chinese food on the deck

  • Mona Hansen

    Hi Loran:
    Your mom told me about your website. Its fabulous. You are so creative!! I had a set of Noritake China with the Bamboo Pattern that a boyfriend had sent me from Okinawa when I was 16. Your place settings are beautiful.


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