Day 7 – Dinner is Served



How’s this for a happy combination of color and design?

It’s summer, it’s warm, it’s time to eat drink and be merry and with this tablecloth, you can’t help but smile. This is totally my “thing” – lots of red; clear, strong yellows, oranges and greens with a little bit of purple thrown in. So much to choose from…

Dinner is served

This was so much fun to put together! I pulled one of each color plate I have, both vintage and modern Fiesta, and just played like a kid with the 64 box set of crayons (LOVED those, oh the possibilities!)


Stacks o' stuff


I started with this fabulous pile of fun. The two large plates on the bottom of the pile are actually chop plates but I wanted to use them as a sort of charger. I ended up piling salad plates on luncheon plates on dinner plates. The red, purple and some of the orange are modern (post 86) while the yellow, green and turquoise are vintage Fiesta. The orange disc pitcher and small turquoise pitcher are modern while the yellow creamer is Harlequin.

Check out the stripey glasses! Enough color to make ANYONE happy. They’re vintage and will show up again and again and again in the year to come.

One end of the table


Here’s one end of the table, you can see the color blocking.  I love the vintage napkins! The woman from whom I bought this tablecloth sells the most amazing items. She always cleans and irons all her goods and then tries very hard to match napkins to everything. This particular cloth didn’t come with any napkins but since I’d bought several other sets from her there were enough to go around in all the bright colors!

More colors...


The corners of this cloth are as pretty as the centers.

A corner

I did have an assistant today. Max decided to check things out.

Max, my assistant today, hiding under a corner


Tired kitty

Max and I are both tuckered out! It’s hard work having fun : )

Tomorrow: Bamboo and Chinese food on the deck

359 Days to go!




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