Day 6 – Breakfast in Plaid


So much inspiration!

So much inspiration today! The starting point was obviously the tea set but the clincher was the tulips I found at Trader Joes.

Breakfast before a flea market : )

The sun comes up early right now so I’m taking advantage of it. Time for croissants and tea before I check out the new flea market at Treasure Island. I also had lots of help today….



This is Stuart. He usually hangs around as we do photos but today he decided he needed to check the table out up close.


We started out with the Lipton tea set in a gorgeous blue. These came out in the 40’s and were made by Hall, each region of the country had different colors. This blue along with a yellow that is similar to the yellow Fiesta vase were the West Coast colors.


No Stuart


The tablecloth and all the pillows are once again part of my collection of April Cornell linens. The yellow in the tablecloth is very creamy so I framed the vintage yellow Fiesta breakfast plates with a modern (post 86) cream plate. The vase, mugs and small bowls are all post 86 yellow.

The napkins are vintage, the silverware is the faux french ivory that my mom bought for me at Sur la Table.

The napkin rings are small white ceramic ovals with a painted blue bow. I think I bought them at Mervyn’s twenty plus years ago, when they still had wonderful kitchen stuff!

Breakfast is served.


I did have one other helper this morning…..


Stuart, however, had other plans so he bopped Max on the nose and ran off in a huff. Max likes tea and, so I’ll pour him a cup, clip some coupons and then I’m off to a new flea market adventure. See what cool goodies I can find!


Tomorrow – Dinner is served


360 Days to go!!

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