Day 5 – TV Time!


Tv tray

It’s TV time! Bought this amazing TV tray a few years ago because of the turquoise. It’s a pretty cha-cha design all on its own, and then Sue decided to redo her family room and bought these:

Fab furniture

Seriously, how much more 50′s can you get?

Black vinyl chair with turquoise piping, small turquoise ‘footstool’ or side table, you decide.

All ready for an evening of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, or “Blast from the Past”, your choice.







Ready for tomato soup, grilled cheese and iced tea.

We’ve got vintage turquoise Fiesta ware, a vintage turquoise-edged napkin, Twin Star silverware and an Amoeba glass. I have to say I LOVE that pattern on the glass, and if you look carefully you can see that the glass is sitting on a Tupperware coaster (so we don’t get rings on the tray!) and has an aluminum spoon in it, in blue of course.

Check out the glass and the spoon in it!

The latest fashions!


And just in case we get bored with the TV, we can always catch up on our reading, maybe take the Miracle 7 Day Glamour course : )


Tomorrow: Breakfast in plaid


361 Days to go!!

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