Day 4 – Geraniums, quail and weird greens


Quail and green teapot

I found this teapot in a clearance section of a thrift store. The shape was intriguing and the color, completely different than anything I have in my collection. Nothing went with it and I wondered if I would EVER be able to find any sort of cup to go with it or whether it was doomed to a life of neutral friends.

And then there were friends...

A couple months after I found the teapot, LOOK! In another store I found these amazing glass cups, six in all,  for a buck! Just let the universe know what you want,  be very specific when you ask, and it will provide.

And the quail? People who know me well know I love quail. I have a WHOLE collection of quail figurines, stuffed creatures, even a line of dishes that will make a prominent splash here in the future : ) It was a gift that came with the caveat “Do something with THIS!”

And now the geraniums!

So I did.

While digging through a box of tablecloths that hadn’t seen the light of day in years, we found this gem filled with geraniums, red (!) and an odd green. Hmmmm….that green looked familiar.

Shuffle to the left...

I have to say I LOVE this table. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m not happy with a table setting no one sees it but me and the odd cat or chicken. This one combines many of things I adore. First there’s the red, red is good. Red makes the day better. Then there’s quail. Red and quail make the day pretty darn close to perfect. For the icing on the cake,  the glasses  – I found them at Crate & Barrel years ago with CHERRIES on them.


Shuffle to the right...

I found the dishes just last month at the Peddlar’s Fair In Martinez. They are a set of plates and footed bowls from the fifties that nestle together, so that the bowl doesn’t slide around on the plate if you’re standing, socializing and trying to eat all at once. I’m thinking afternoon tea, homemade ice cream and some sort of amazing cookie here.

The silverware came from Cost Plus, the napkins are vintage as is the tablecloth and the sugar bowl is modern white Fiesta.The pillow I made using an image on a postcard from the 1930’s. I scanned the card and then ran special fabric through the printer and printed on the image. I appliqued that on a piece of ticking, threw on some mondo- huge piping and made it into a pillow.

The lesson here? Never turn down a deal just because you don’t know about the color. It always works out in the end : )

Tomorrow – TV Time!

362 Days to go


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