Batman – Day 3

Bat Mug

Today, in 1989, ‘Batman” starring Michael Keaton was released. Let me just say me and Batman go WAY BACK.

As a small child I was a big fan of the TV show in the 60’s. My dad even ordered special edition posters for me to put in my bedroom, when you ‘ordered’ everything by snail mail and then had that agonizing 6-8 week wait. When the posters finally came, they were the WRONG ones so he had to re-order, more waiting…torture to a kid. I LOVED that show, loved my posters and  wanted to live with Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Would’ve been Bat Girl had I thought of it.

Then we met Michael Keaton wearing enough black latex to….well, make a girl very happy. I collected whatever I could. When I turned 30 I had a Batman themed party and EVERYONE dressed up! The mug was bought at the same time I found the black hightops with the yellow logos <g>. Along with the t-shirts, Joker hightops, bedding, kitchen accessories and games.

Bat table

First I pulled out my box of twenty-two year old goodies. The voice of Tim Gunn whispered over and over “edit, edit, make it work”. The purple tablecloth and napkins make the perfect backdrop to the brilliant sunflowers, vintage yellow fiesta plates and bowls combined with current purple fiesta. The pitcher the flowers are in along with the glasses were hand-blown pieces I picked up years ago from a street fair artist. The wine glasses were on sale at Pottery Barn and the silverware was one of those ten-dollar-serves-4 sets from IKEA.

The hats? Left from the party just because they’re fun. The napkin rings? Rings left from the Pinata that I clipped around the napkins. The big bat symbol is actually a huge button my mom wore on a string of black beads. I put straws with climbing figures in the flowers along with the candle that was on my cake…for fun! There are a couple of random bat mobiles to play with on the table just because. This way you won’t be tempted to play with your food!


Bat close-up

Some of the best fun though? Check these out:

Bat popsicle maker

Bat surprise!

I found popsicle makers in my travels, all I could see in the package was what is on the left. When I got them home and opened them, I found what’s on the right!

To top it off, they GLOW IN THE DARK.

I’m going to put on my Bat shirt, tie on my Bat hightops, grab some thai food and sit out by the pond in my purple and gold glory. If I make strawberry popsicles do you think Michael Keaton will pop on by? A girl can wish.


Coolest shoes (almost) ever

Also on this date, in 1987…Tiffany sang in a mall for the first time. Gotta love the 80’s!

Thanks to DC Comics for one of the best superheros EVER as well as Tim Burton for bringing Batman to life. I’m dedicating this page to one of the bravest kids I know,  someone who loves Batman maybe a little more than I do. Benjamin, who is cancer free but battling some pretty fierce ‘side effects’ from the treatments that saved him, you are MY super hero : )

Batman Benjamin!

Tomorrow – Geraniums, quail and weird greens

363 Days to go!!

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